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Q5 on Audi TV

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First segment from Audi TV

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I'm not convinced it looks right in White, makes me think " emergency vehicle ", seen it at local dealers in Silver - looks great , and in Tungsten grey - not sure about the hint of purple, no one has a demo to drive yet round here.
Wow, only my personal view on White, colour is obviously a very personal choice and I know it is more popular in hotter sunnier places because it reflects the heat better. I hope yours looks great, I'm waiting till New Year to be able to order 2.0TDi Auto ,so will be envious when you have yours delivered.
New segment on Audi Q5 on Audi TV " Your Q5 " program lasting 20 minutes looking at details and spec. of Q5.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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