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First segment from Audi TV

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A couple of months ago I went into the Swindon Audi dealer to see if they had any details on the Q5 and every car in the showroom was Ibis White and they looked stunning. Like this video the show launch in China & South Africa both showcased Ibis White Q5 cars so Audi must think this colour works with these cars and so you guessed it I ordered Ibis White. My wife has an off white Mini Cooper (with a black roof) and that looks great and in the US or Europe white is a more common colour its only the UK where some people have a hang up.
Well I guess I must have been "bowled" over to make it my choice I guess thats why they produce various colours silver has become boring with the world & his wife chosing silver in the UK, black really shows up the dirt & dust and dark colours like my current dark blue BMW show up stone chips and swirl marks still on the inside they pratically all look the same!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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