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Q5 Colour Conundrum

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Hello Q5 Drivers,

After months of deliberation I have taken the plunge and ordered a 2.0TDI SE for delivery on 1st March 2010. I was told by the salesman at the dealership that if I ordered any later, there would be no guarantee of it being delivered on time, so it's 108 days to go and counting.

The biggest difficulty I had was choosing a colour, after having decided that the all black look of the S-line was to bleak for my tastes, my favourite colour, Daytona Grey was ruled out. I initially went for the Quartz Grey with cardamon beige interior, although I was not able to see it as all the cars in the show room had a black interior (why do all Audi dealerships have almost exclusively black interiors?). After finally tracking down a beige interior in a Q5 I decided that it wasn't for me, and have been allowed to change my order to light grey interior and meteor grey paintwork.

Really excited about the prospect of getting a Q5, it's my first venture into SUV's and my first Audi, having previously only driven BMW's. I must say that on the the whole the dealership experiences are first rate and that the advice given on this website is also really useful.

The rest of my specifications are as follows:

5 spoke alloys
S tronic
Technology pack
Storage Pack
AMI interface
B&O sound system
DAB radio
Bluetooth interface
Electric seats with folding mirrors
Rear bench seat plus
Sports steering wheel with paddle shift
hill hold
Tyre pressure monitor
3 zone climate control
garage door opener
interior lights
panoramic sunroof
drive select with damper control

Also got a good deal (15% VAT plus a discount and reduced APR). Can't wait until March!!

I would be interested to hear any opinions with regard to drive select, it seems to me you get the best of both worlds SE and S-line suspension all in one.
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hello Mac
I have the same combination (Meteor Grey + Silver Nappa sportseats)
my car has contrasting color too : the lower parts (skirts, front and rear spoilers) are matt medium grey (not so obvious on the pictures), and match perfectly the color of the single-frame (2,0 TDI's have no bright balck single frame as the 3,2FSI's)
I think so, because my car was made in January.
By August, I visited a dealer in my country who had such a model in his showroom. When I decided to buy it, he said there was still another (unmarked) one waiting on the parking of the import-company, and that one was delivered to me.
And yes, it's a car with plenty of options (20K euros) , maybe the reason why it was still unsold six month after leaving the factory.
I had probably not ordered all these options, but I'm now happy with my new toy; I already forgot the price !!!
It is amusing that two different persons had exactly the same experience at the same time, but so far from each other
I now know why my car has only dynamic steering and no dynamic suspension (I do not miss it because it only makes the car harder, and my preference goes to comfort) I recognise that I mostly let the dynamic steering on "auto".
All the cars of that serie is now sold in Belgium.
As marketing action, the make of that serie was a goof idea : even if these cars could not suit the needs of many customers (no kids, no dogs, always clean clothes...), they were attractive and I guess many Q5 were sold after a look to our model
I was in fact looking after a replacement for my A4 Avant 2,60 V6, but could not actually decide for a new A4.
A quick test-run with a demo Q5 was enough to want one at once ! And as I can't wait...
Even funny is that I would not have choosen a diesel, nor a manual if I ordered a new car earlier 2009.
Then I was still sure I only needed a TFSI-engine with automatic transmission, but the mutitronic put me off.
Only when the A4 Allroad was marketed with an S-Tronic, I began to thought about a new car. I visited my dealer and inspected the Allroad, but that model was even expensive as the Q5. Only at that moment I realised that a Q5 could be an option (until then I found it too big for 2 persons), and that a diesel was appropriate in a SUV. With the temptation of a nice Q5 waiting in the showroom,I finally left the idea buying an automatic. Indeed, I have yet a Saab 9.3 conv. as fun car with manual transmission, and two different types of transmission would have command me to swith all reflexes when changing from one car to the other. After 3 monthes, I don't regret my choice
@kyugo : my framenumber ends with 006266
what's yours ?
KyuGo said:
Mine's 004849
thank you !
production date of mine is 9/1/2009 as reported by the certificate of conformity (homologation)
I now wonder if this true, as 1777 cars were built between our two respective cars
(it could be the day of printing the certificate...for a car built end 2008, in order to make a 2009-model of it ...
this ruins the probability that our both cars were built simultaneously (or very short after each other)
what is the production day mentionned on your certificate ?
I'll e-mail you the hole list of options on my Q5, so we can compare
by the way, I would be intrested in some couples "production day/framenumber" in order to evaluate the production time starting from frame numbers
how much Q5's would be produced a day (or a month...) ?
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