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Good morning,
Few months ago had some issues with a back right tail light on my Q5 2013 3.0t Prestige and noticed the led strip was burnt/not lightning anymore, so ordered mysefl from a reliable source a new set of tail lights, but was so excited to have found anew set never mounted that I did the most rookie mistake ever...forgot to check the connectors, well guess what the part # was good, just the connectors weren't and couldn't install them on my Q5, therefore I have a brand new set of tail lights. See attached images, please make sure to look carefully at the BLACK CONNECTORS, they don't have the same plastic tabs location as the beige/cream colored ones I have on my Q5 and wasn't able to use the retro fit facelift connectors either. I'm selling these for $500 USD / $675 CAD + shipping to the USA or Canada only. Please email me for any questions.


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