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There are two types of ?additional? heaters available on the Audi Q5:

Supplementary heater:
This is an electrical booster heater which helps to warm up the demister and interior of the vehicle more quickly. I believe it is fitted as standard on all diesel models (at least in the UK). It can be enabled / disabled via the MMI interface.

Auxiliary heater:
This heater, I understand, burns fuel to warm up the vehicle before actually starting it (i.e. the car is pre-warmed up for the driver). The auxiliary heater can be controlled via remote control or the MMI interface where a start time can be setup. I don?t believe that this heater is offered as standard for the UK market.

Hope this helps

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Having read the various posts it would appear that I have a supplementary heater on my Q5. Through MMI it would seem that there is an "OFF" setting and it is possible to place a 'tick' in the "AUTO" setting, which I have now done. I have yet to start her up and try though
When would one want to set to "OFF?" Surely if on "AUTO" it will only switch on when required i.e. when it is cold?

Has anybody tried this during cold weather and how effective is it?

I wonder whether there are any other owners who have this feature and did not realise it?



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My first post so apologies for mistakes of etiquette (or factual error!).

I've just taken delivery of a Q5 2.0 Diesel and have the supplementary heater set to Auto.
I work in a ski resort so have been investigating the auxiliary heater option and making slow progress sadly.

First I can tell you the supplementary heater in cold weather seems to work well, it defrosts windows very quickly and brings up the cabin temperature in a reasonable time. I've only had the car 2 weeks so will be able to answer more fully at the end of winter!

My follow-up question to anyone who can answer is about the Auxiliary heater/blower.

I checked with Audi before delivery and was informed the car has one installed, Audi part 8K0818011B, and that it is from Eberspaecher.

When I made enquiries with Eberspaecher on a kit for heating/venting the cabin I was informed they do not have one and referred me back to Audi. I'm querying Audi again but given I'm in Australia I imagine this is a rare question here. I can see the operation of the part I'm interested in laid out in the owners manual (pp71-73).

For me it would be useful in that I work in an Alpine environment and when I need to drive I would prefer the car ready to go when I get there (remotely defrosted glass and warm interior, minimising the time it takes me to clear snow for safe driving.

Has anyone had experience fitting this option? If so do you know the kit/parts required and can you comment on its usefulness/effectiveness?

Thank you

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Have you considered just getting a remote starter ?

just picked up a Q5 and that's what I plan to do, not for the warmth, but for the AC since I am in hot Texas

On my other car as I exit I set the ac (or heater) like I want it and a few minutes before I go out I remote start it and it is ready to go by the time I get there....

Now, I can tell you one time in Arlington, Tx a policeman was sitting there waiting to give me a ticket since it is against their law to have the vehicle running when not occupied....

We had a 'discussion' that SURELY they meant unattended and drivable, correct ?!?

As mine was not drivable, since I had the keys, he relented.... another dumb law !
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