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Well my Q5 maybe suddenly became a Q5 definite. I first heard of the Q5 about 3 weeks ago, went to sniff around the dealers 2 weeks ago, and I pick one up on Friday! Haven't even driven one yet. Impulsive? Who, me?

Can't wait, saw it today, looks stunning, spec is:

3.0 TDi S-Line
Phantom Black
20" twin 7-spokes
Tech Pack
Htd front seats
Folding mirrors
Phone prep
Privacy glass

I've been a little worried about the firmness of the ride, but I'm trading in a 335i with 255/35(!!)/19 run-flats, so it's got to be better than that. Seriously, you hit a bump in that and it feels as if you're riding right on the axles. I'm hoping it will be fine, but I have to say the black S-Line with 20's looks very impressive.

Was pre-built thus the short wait time, got a great trade-in on mine and just under 10% off so I'm happy. Of interest I had a quick look in the boot today and there are a packaged set of roof bars. They weren't specced, are they being included as standard?

Can't wait till Friday, will report in here with my thoughts when I drive it.

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Great stuff, nothing like an impulsive buy!
The roof bars come as standard as they are a special fit and they have a detection system that changes the ESP for roof load carrying. Mine are in the loft already!
As for the ride, I have an 2.0LTFSI S-Line and 19" wheels and I think the ride is firm but I like it. It will be interesting to see how firm it is with the 20" wheels and no Audi Drive Select.
Look forward to seeing some pictures and hope you enjoy it
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