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Paint Protection

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What do you guys use?
Nano Spray Coating is not as good or durable as traditional 2 step ceramic coating.
However, it looks super easy to apply and quite effective > 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating vs Ceramic Coatings - YouTube
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303 looks very good. In the video it’s the real winner and I was impressed
I generally keep cars a long time so when the new one arrives I'm likely to bite the bullet and go full on with Gtechniq.
I don't currently. Will prob get the full 3 day protection which is Serum Ultra and EXO plus interior, etc
I don't rate Gtechniq as very good. I put the their best products at the time on when I had my car new ready and prepped, and and ended having to remove everything and go with a different brand that actually worked. Adam's Polishes is also another brand I would stay away from - cheap and doesn't perform.

I would recommend the following brands: CarProUK, GEYON, ArtDeShine, Ethos Car Care (USA based). SOFT 99 also have some good products.

These YouTube detailer /reviewers have a lot of good advice - Car Craft Auto Detailing and Apex Detail. They test all the best paint protection products (y)

Although Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the best of all! Front half of my car has it - highly recommended! (y)
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I don't intend to do it myself. The big issue is the huge choice of product LOL
PPF is being considered.
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