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Just for reference I have absolutely no problem with people posting links to other AUDI Q5 forums and websites within - in fact I actively promote you to reference the original source of information to give credit to the author.

In order to keep a comprehensive list of useful links in one place if you have any please post them in this thread only.

1) AUDI UK Q5 Home Page -

The official AUDI UK website for the Q5

2) Audi Q5 Owners Club -

Another Q5 resource still in its infancy like

3) - recommended by Tractorboy

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sorry didn't mean to upset anyone

Great work both sites.
Here's a local Audi forum..
Nice and friendly like myaudiq5 & aq5oc but it's all in French I'm afraid. It's where the LED pics came from.
Nice pictures though...especially those lucky enough to have a TTS

It will have some local Q5's on as well as they start to be delivered in France.

I know this may be way off track for most of you but it's worth a try.

I just got my Q5 2.0TFSI yesterday and love it. It was imported here in Thailand from the UK as a Grey market import.
As I have the Navigation Plus I'm wondering if anyone has come across the maps for Asia?
I've tried searching furiously over the internet for one but have come up zilch.

I think this is the correct forum to post in as downloads come from other websites

Thanks in advance!

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Just clicked on the number 2 link above, and it doesn't seem to work...
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