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Dear All,

I am so looking forward to taking delivery of my Q5 in January that I keep checking on this site for more reading matter. I have been disappointed in as much as there has been very little lately. I am certain that there must be others, like myself. Therefore, you lucky people that already have theirs, please share your experiences with us all, whether good or bad.

This will be my fourth Audi, including my TTR which I am keeping for sunny days. My oval experience of the make is very very good. Further more, I have just convinced my brother that he should trade in his BMW 530D for an A6 Quatro 3.0 !! The BMW, complete with 'run flats' used to refuse to go anywhere in less than perfect conditions!

Roll on January and looking forward to more 'reading matter' to take my mind off things in the mean time!!



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Hi, Just to wet your appetite for your own arrival I can say my Q5 is the best car I have owned in 25 years of car ownership. Mine is a 3.0 S Line in black with MMI Plus, tech pack, hi-beam assist, bluetooth, lighting pack, folding tow bar and a rear seat multimedia system plus the excellent heating/cooling cup holder! I've had it since 1st September.

I swapped from a Disco 3 HSE and thought I would miss the space but I don't. We tow a twin axle caravan (long story but its the easiest way to get a holiday with a disabled son) and I do not know I have it on the back. I am averaging 38mpg commuting a 70 mile round trip of country A and B roads plus a haul through city traffic.

What a car!

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I am soon picking up my Q5, and what make me feel comforting and safe with my choice, is that it dosn't seems to be any serious complaints in this forum. The car have now existed over one year, and people seems to be satisfied. If there was som bugs with this car, I am sure someone would make a lot of noise here.

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