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New owner with brake disc question

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Hi all
I've just bought a q5 2.0 tdi 180 bhp mk2 2017

It needs front and rear discs. I've looked online and keep finding 3/4 different sizes

I've just put a tape measure to the wheels and looks like they have got 300mm discs front and rear. Surly that can't be right, I'm thinking they were a cheap replacement??

What size should the fronts be ??

Thanks for your help.
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Welcome to our forum :)
I can't believe anyone would fit smaller discs. You would need to change move than just the disc.
You should always replace pads with new discs.
Phone any reputable supplier or your friendly Audi dealer with your Registration or VIN number and they will confirm what you need.
Rang audi and they said it does not show the size on the computer. Can only tell me the prices. I'm no closer to finding out. (n)(n)
Ask audi for the part numbers for your car. From the part numbers you can research replacements.
Think I've finally worked ot out. 338mm fronts and 330mm rears.
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