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Hi All,

I have just had a call from the salesman to say my car will be ready for collection this afternoon.

That was on an initial delivery schedule of the end of November, so it is early.

Good thing it's nice weather today. Must be something about Sun and Righteous (or just Luck).

Full specs and pictures later but had to let some of the excitement out. Hence, the post!!

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Hi all,

Really delighted with the Q5. I said I would post specs. No pictures yet, waiting for the weekend and hopefully some good weather.

Q5 2.0 TDI S-line
Daytona Grey
Technology Pack
Storage Pack
Interior Light Pack
Panoramic Glass sunroof
3 zone climate
Advanced key
Privacy Glass
Folding door mirrors
Mobile phone prep - low
Audi Music Interface
Heated Front Seats
Rear bench seat plus
DAB Radio
Audi Hill Hold Assist
Tyre pressure monitor
Collapsible spare wheel
Under floor storage tray
Tow bar

Whilst picking it up Salesman said the majority of Q5s his dealership was selling were S-lines. He also stated that delivery times were moving out. For an order now it would be between Late March and end of May dependent on spec.

BTW has anyone managed to get a Sony W995 or any other Sony Ericson Walkman phone linked up to the Audi Music Interface? I have tried all options but no joy. It says either unsupported device or unreadable file. The phone side works perfectly and it's not a show stopper as I have all my music (just under 10Gb) on two sd cards. The AMI was purchased to support my daughters Itouch.

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Hi Bill,

Good to see you're still keeping her nice and clean

My one looks more like a tractor just now.... Covered in muck and grime..... I just can't get a chance to give it a wash..... now... where did you find that sunshine ??? !!!



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Hi Mike
The picture is in low resolution so you cant see the dirt! the cold conditions and the dirty roads make it's difficult to keep clean. Think the sun always shines in New Lanark
it makes it worth while having the Pan roof when the sun shines also makes the heater work better because of the air flow through the car.
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