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Monza Silver S Line 2.0Tdi

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I managed to get a few pics this morning before i washed it! (saturdays are busy with two wee girls about!)
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I lIke:
The driving position
The responsive steering particularly at low speeds.
The build quality and ergonomics around the dash.
The effortless cruising performance of this 2.0l engine - I had a 140 bhp 2.0l tdi in my last B7 A4 avant and this is even better.
The sound quality of the Audi system sounds a bit better than my last two audis, but i haven't had the chance to get listening to music off my ipod as I am waiting on cables for the AMI.
Hill hold is fantastic - why on earth is it an option for manual cars?
I love the wheels soo easy to clean, and I don't think the 19" are too small.
Boot space is great as are the sliding rear seats - a must if you have kids.
The auto boot opener/closer - i'm so lazy

I don't like:
Too much plastic around the inside of the doors, although this makes it easier to wipe clean, it's bound to scuff easily - a little bit of leather around the armrests would have helped.
A lot of gear changing from 0 - 25mph, I really wish I could have afforded the S Tronic but the S line trim was too tempting and it does make a much nicer car imo.
Too many extras needed to make it a nice comfortable car e.g. 3 zone climate control, AMI, Bluetooth etc.

Not much else, I hate to think of it as an SUV, just a tougher and roomier Avant and worth every penny.

BTW these photos don't do it justice, the Q5 is a great looking car.
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Love the colour Amack. I must admit I was really pleasantly suprised when I test drove the 2.0 diesel manual - a very easy gearbox to use but I'm just like Simon, lazy when it comes to gear changing so went for the S-tronic.
Glad it's going well.
Actually just re-looked at your pictures again and noticed the position of your exhaust pipes - both together. Mine are on either side of the car - that's odd that they are different.....
Thanks Amack, you learn something new every day.
Looking at my fuel consumption I am wishing I could have the diesel with S-tronic too!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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