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Hi all,.

I have an mmi plus unit from my a5. It's the new unit with the funky new graphics and the ability to play back iPod video through the ami.

It also has google maps with an appropriate SIM card and includes bluetooth high, so communicates directly with your phone.

It comes with the correct switchgear panel surrounding the geraknob.

It really should be professionally installed unless you are comfortable with coding. It needs component protection removed by an Audi dealer as it was mated o my car. I bought it new.

It would be unwise to istall it anything other than a car that already has 3G which I think all q5s with mmi will have.

I'm asking £1350.

I also have a tv tuner module. This works with 3G and 3G plus. It doesnt require coding. It's the latest version of the unit and works exceptionally well. All cars have the aerials pre-equipped in the rear window, the just require cabling and the correct amplifier to access those aerials, these will cost £250 to £300.

I'm asking £550.

Pm if you have questions.
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