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misty windows

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now weather is getting colder, I noticed that when I leave my car in a sunny place on a late afternoon, the front and rear windows become misty inside even if the windows remains clean and dry outside
the the front windows is easily cleaned up with the defrost-function, but at the rear it lasts seveal minutes until I have a perfect view
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I've been thinking about it, and I believe that the culprit could be the panoroof
1 due to the panoroof, temperature get higher in the stationned car (sunrays)
2 temperature outside get rapidly colder when the sun disappears in this season
3 moisty air then condense on refreshed windows
maybe I'll try with the curtain shut, but I'm afraid we will learn to live with the problem
unfortunately, the de-mist device is not very fast !
during a chat with my dealer, I received the recommendation to set the airco on "auto" in this season (only then, he said, the AC works at his full rate when drying the air inside the car)
in the summer, I set the AC on "floor" in order to avoid unpretty cold air flow on my head..
I'll try this and confirm if it works
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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