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Just been made a good offer for my Q5

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Popped into my dealership yesterday. Am looking at getting an A5 Convertible as I am already thinking of changing the Q5. I have had the car since March 1st 09. Paid around ?34k for it (of which around ?4k would have been VAT). I put ?10k down and took out a 2 year PCP based on 15k miles per year. Car is now 16months old, has 17k miles on and they have made me an offer that will see me getting my full deposit back out of the car and going straight into the A5. Result !
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Mike,when we ordered our Q5 the A5 cab was the other choice,but it was'nt different enough from our A4.Have you enjoyed the Q5?.

I have enjoyed it BUT (and you aren't going to like this), it's just like an A4 on stilts really !

However, I have had a faultless driving experience and can't grumble. Just a bit bored with it and if I am honest was bored within 3 to 4 months.

It's 2.0 FSI, SE Model, S-Tronic, Audi MMI HD Sat-Nav, Bang and Olufsen, Black Leather, Black Metallic, Bluetooth.

Nice car but I just don't get it. However, I would still recommend and there isn't anything similar in it's class I would be tempted by. Much more stylish than anything BMW, VW etc have to offer.
Hi Mike

I was given an A5 S-line 2.0TDi to drive around for a couple of months (and you may not like this but this car is very average to drive! It's defiantly a case of the 'Emperors New Clothes' very hard ride, poor rear seats and very large two doors) but what do I know!

On a major plus point, it looks the muts nuts!

Listen mate I am all style and no substance

As long as I look the muts nuts I'm happy. Whatever car I drive sits outside the office most of it's life anyway
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I think you are buying the perfect car then!
I think so
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I think so
By the way the moral of this story ?

You wont or shouldn't lose too much money on your investment right now guys. These things are like Rocking Horse muck. Same thing happened to me when I ordered the new TT in Sept 06 and took delivery in March 07. Sold it 12 months later for almost what I paid for it due to massive lead in times. BMW owners would never be so lucky.
What were your payments over that period? the sum would be equal to your total depreciation + cost of finance. Without knowing that its difficult to say just how good a deal this may have been. Its very easy for the dealer to present it as such without doing the sums.
Hey of course I've "lost"'s a car on a PCP

A PCP is basically a lease and unless you pay off the balance at the end then the car is never yours outright

However (and I speak from experience since I chop and change my cars every couple of years MAX) to get back all of my deposit after 16 months is a result as far as I am concerned. I am putting the ?10k down on an ex demo A5 Conv and based upon a quote for a ?32k car it is costing me ?100 a month less in payments per month over a 2 year PCP so will claw back some of the repayment costs made over 16 months for the Q5.

I'm happy and that's all that matters.
It definately seems at the moment that the Q5 is holding its money well and all the used ones ive seen on the audi web site are very expensive and most have approx 10,000 miles or more.I have been going on the web site we will buy your car every couple of weeks checking what they would pay for my car and it changes every time I go on the site,it goes up as well as down but considering the car is now 9 months old it is always between ?30,200 and ?32,700 which is great as I paid ?32,750,it may seem sad keep looking but its great to know that at the moment they are depreciating very slowly,I know this will change over time. Also this price doesnt change if you have sat nav ,pan roof or lots more exras.I have the 2.0 tdi sline s tonic which is a fantastic car and the best car I have owned yet and I to used to change my car every 6-18 months,but this one I will keep for at least 3 years.
I just tried the we will buy your car valuation and it came in at ?26,500 We buy any car was ?24,200 and Audi have offered me ?28,500 (they say it will go on the forecourt just over ? 30k but they gave me ?2500 off a brand new A5 cab as well.
seems audi offered you a good price and it wont be on the forecourt for long.The A5 cab is a stunning looking car good luck with it.
Cheers Louis
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