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New Q5 TDI manual(27/6/09). found that the clutch peddle,when on a journey,started to get sticky.The warmer the engine was the worse the clutch became. also noted were the vibrations through the clutch peddle when changing gear. It really got annoying when creeping along in a traffic . Just heard from dealer, a new Flywheel is needed !! Has to be ordered,may take ????
Sat Nav "lost at Sea" as well. tells you to take, for example,third exit off roundabout,as you approach, as soon as you hit the roundabout it says take the first exit left. Plays the opposite as well. take the first exit and when you hit the roundabout says take the second/third exit !!
New Flywheel and clutch fitted. Car returned last week.22/9/09. Now have clutch judder !!. Dealer has agreed to New exchange. I am looking for any "feed back" on 2.0 TDI manual Q5's. Is the problem a generic one with the clutch,or should I go for the automatic ?
Sat Nav problem acknowledged but unresolved. My nokia N86 (?300 ) is spot on !

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Same Sat Nav problem here. Dealer hasn't got a clue - no resolution after eight months. Take a look at my list of faults in "General Discussion", post called "Worst Audi I ever had". Sat Nav problem also includes street and place names that are pronounced so badly that they're unintelligible.

Good luck - hope you have more success than I've had!

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Hi Underlindon... I have just taken my 2.0l Tdi Manual into the dealer as i was experiencing vibrations through the pedal and it was sometimes jerky whilst pulling away in 1st. Also when travelling at low speed in traffic it would feel like the clutch was grating when lifting the pedal.

Dealer has said that i need a new flywheel. Lets hope this is not a recurring problem for the Q5s.

Did you get yiurs sorted in the end??
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