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Hi All

Thought I'd posted my new toy. Just picked up for Audi Docklands.

Q5 TDi 2.0 Sline Tronic. Order in August, collected today...

Went for Daytonna Grey, And a whole bucket of options starting with:

B&O Sound Sys
Collapsable Spare Wheel
Technology Pack
Electric Front Seats / Elec Lumbar / Folding Mirrors
Int Lights Package
Heated Front Seats
Privacy Glass

Absolutelly brilliant. Picked it up really late, got stuck in bloody 10mph traffic all the way down the A13, so didnt even have chance to feel the car, although looks everything I expected.
Dealer stuck half tank of fuel, no freebies; not even mats.
Anybody know where to pick up a decent set of rubber all weather mats.?
I found this site by accident, but everyone is completely right ; I've been telling people I've ordered this car and no one believes me it even exists... Was told today, the if someone is ordering now, they are looking at late May delivery.

Anyway, will spend the next few days, weeks getting to know what this car can really do..

Will post updates and pics.


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Post some pics up over weekend - been bucketing down non stop.
Yes, I got roof bars in a package but haven't opened them; Wont really use them yet.
My bro tells me he read that whilst they look nice, they do cause some sort of wind noise.

Why do u ask.


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A couple of months ago the bars were to be supplied optionally by the dealers and some were just selling them on ebay! even though they come with every car
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