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Hello, I consider it a great privilege to be amongst Audi Q5 users and enthusiasts! I look forward to learning and contributing to this Audi Q5,
In the meantime, I found this 2017 Audi Q5, It has been my dream to own it, and I think I just found a perfect opportunity to make that happen.

I will like to inspect the vehicle, and I want to look out for the following:
  • Smelling upholstery to check if was involved in a flood
  • Noise in the engine
  • Check the transmission
  • Coolant and oil leaks
Please feel free to let me know if there is anything else that I am missing, and give me more practical ways of ensuring I get the best car, I need this car but I do not want to rush the decision.

They are asking for the price of $22,500 and it has 65000 Miles with a Salvage Title. Is it worth it or not?
If you guys have any suggestions on what to look at.
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Check for any wheel curbing or any scuffs on the tyre sidewalls. Drive in a straight line at say 30mph, take your foot off the accelerator and let go of the steering wheel. The car should go in a straight line and not pull from side to side. Drive in a straight line at say 30mph, let go of the wheel then brake. Again, the car should stop in a straight line. Look in the wheel arches to check that they are clean. This will show how well the exterior was looked after. As regards the inside, check for any reasonable wear and no damage to the upholstery. Check that the tow-bar has been fitted properly. I am sure that you will get further help.
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