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How Many Q5's

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Hi All
There were Three Q5's including mine in my local garden centre carpark today, thats the most I have seen in one place excluding the Audi dealership, so delivery's must be getting through
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Hi everyone,

Just thought i'd comment on the number of Q5's in different areas. I've seen many posts saying the Q5's are still a rarity.... but here in Aberdeen.... there's loads if them !!!!!
I know Lexus released the new RX about the same time, but I've only seen 2 driving about town. BUT Q5's.... I've seen at least 20 plus

Must admit, I'm a bit disappointed that i haven't had as much exclusivity for as long as i'd hoped for, but at least other people seem to be backing my idea that it's a great car

I know Aberdeen is an affluent area, but the Audi dealership here must be on the ball with placing their customers' orders.


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