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I have just joined and i am after some advice on the spec for my new Q5.

I am going to order

Q5 S line Plus 2.0TDI 177
with the following extras

20' 5 segment titanium alloys
B & O speakers
DAB radio
Black styling pack
Heated front seats
Colour- Phantom Black/Lava Grey

My questions are have i missed anything and also i am really undecided with the colours. If i go for the lava grey should i drop the black styling package and the titanium wheels or should i keep one and not the other?

Thanks for your help and i hope to order from Dundee Audi in the next couple of days.


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I'd drop the black styling pack if I were you. We were advised against it for our Ibis white and I'm please we did. I think the 2013 models come with the collapsible spare but double check. This is a circa £300 purchase from. A dealer after order whereas it's £80 spec'd at original order.

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IMHO, black styling pack would look awful on a white but great on a black car.

I am very pleased with my S Line, but for my next Q5....

I would spec:
Q5 2.0TFSI S line (i.e. not plus). I prefer 19" wheels, 20 " wheels are too hard a ride for me.
piano black inlay. I dislike the wood effect and I find the aluminium is very easily dented (by rings and things?).
the leather package plus
the technology pack high
tyre pressure loss indicator
interior light package
electrically adjustable front seats
power operated tailgate
privary glass
delete rear badges
cruise control

That is just over £40,135. Please bear in mind you are unlikely to recover the cost of extras when you sell, but options may make your car easier (or for unpopular options more difficlut) to sell.

IMHO, options can make a great car that little bit special.
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