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I do hope Iam wrong but my nice new S Line is due for delivery on 25th march. Great

Went to dealer and asked about getting a handsfree phone insatlled via my MFSW and was told no chance. Iam infomed that as the car was not fitted in the factory with any phone preparation I could not get a phone!!!!

The dealer then told me it would be ?1000 to get one fitted!!!

I have had many permium cars and all have had Noika advanced car kits fitted no problem via the radio. Audi tell it all about the CAN BUS wiring. Why did audi not make it clear that phones cannot be installed post factory build.

I have manged to identify a Fiscon kit from germany but there are issues about re programming the car computer and issues with warranty.

Tell me Iam wrong and it is dead simple to get a handfree car kit fitted to the radio and multi function steering wheel.

I will be so pissed off if this cannot be done

Still got 18 inches of snow and audi tell me it will be ?1989 for 4 alloys and winter tyres.

Not happy and still not an Audi owner. Lets hope the car is good
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The wheel etc is all pre-wired, i understand all you need is the control box for th bluetooth to be installed, its somthing i am considering too when mine is delivered as ?245 is obscene for bluetooth from the factory.....i'd rather live without.
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