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Was Silver 2TSFI with beige leather -with every option at Main dealers on its way to a launch.

Very nice looking car, lovely lines.
Panoramic roof is excellent
managed to figure out the MMI without instructions - so a good sign

pedals dont seem to be offset - had my wife look at this too.
Driving position seems good and all control easily accessible - but really need to drive to check
19 inch wheels suit - not sure what ride will be like
B&O soundsystem sounds fantastic

Smaller than I expected
Really only for 4 - 3 in the back would be a real squeeze
Seats seem thin
standard leather not great quality
really should have touchscreen display
CD changer takes up too much space (IMHO) in the glove box
no xenons on SE
cost of the options

Feedback from dealer is that the 2l petrol was the best of the 3 available to drive on a pre-launch day they had.

Overall - probably a great car for a singleton, couple or small family


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Yes absolutely - a bit peeved at some of option availability - e.g no xenons without s-line, and no hd music storage without sat nav. But will consider in the cold light of todays economic climate and availability of dealer discount
well you can always hope.... cheers BK
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