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Hi All
Just had a gearbox software update carried out on my car to day, while I was waiting for my car I spoke to the salesman who sold the car to me about the long lead times for the Q5 he informed me that if you placed an order for a new 2.0TDI
S-Line S-Tronic in January you could expect to wait five months
as the demand for the car was that high, he also informed me that a Front wheel only Q5 will be available shortly, I presume they are building the FWD purely to be in line with other manufactures and to reduce the cost of purchasing a new Q5

5 months is not so long as the wait is 7/8 months at this moment. I order my Q5 in UK at the end of october and i don't have yet a estimated production date ! And the car dealer announce a delivery for may 2010 !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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