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Flickering Dashboard

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For the last 8-10 month i've had flickering dashboard lights on my 2013 Q5

The lights in question vary - sometimes the petrol gauge, sometimes the speedometer, sometime the rev counter, sometimes all of them, sometimes none of them

I've heard it could either be a loose connection or an altimeter issue - however it seems to settle when I play with the dashboard back light dimming switch - so i'm thinking (hoping) its a connection things.

Two questions i'd like help with;

1. Has anyone experienced this and has an idea what it is (i'm really hoping a new dash isn't needed)
2. Does anyone know how to remove the headlight switch unit - if it is a connection problem it could be from this and i can't work out how to do it

I can upload a video of it if helpful

Many thanks
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Not heard of anyone with flickering dash. Certainly sounds like a duff connection. I doubt it will be an "altimeter" issue

DIY fault finding could cause more damage. Unless you know what you are doing, I would suggest you take car to an auto electrician rather than a dealer.
Maybe get it scanned, see if there's a fault code stored?

From what you describe, if you are going the DIY route, I'd probably try replacing the dimmer switch first, could be a faulty rheostat.

If the headlight switch is like my A4 and Golf you push it in, turn it then whole unit pulls out. Can't remember the exact sequence but there are vids on youtube.
Thanks - the car had a full electrics scan recently and it found no problems - which again points to a connection.

My plan was to try a new dimmer switch (which is part of the whole headlight switch) but i tried the push and turn process and it doesn't seem to work. I can find multiple videos online for how to do this with A4's etc. but not a single one or comment for a Q5 so i'm not sure if its the same way

If trying this doesn't work i would take it to a auto electrician but keen to explore it first

Good luck, a tiny squeak annoys me, don't think I could cope with a flickering dash

I've been in the driver side fuse box, can't recall if the back of the switch can be seen from there or not but you might be able to get a finger in for a wiggle
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Thanks - will take a look and let you know how i get on. It is very strange that the Q5 switch doesn't seem to release like any of the other models do.

As you say - it is very annoying so keen to sort without having to pay £1,000 for a whole new dash - which is the conclusion my local audi service center jumps to without even looking at the car
Hi all!
We are a company called Cartronix based in Hampshire who actually repair these instrument clusters with a next day turn around by post or a drop in service where we can also remove and refit the cluster from the car. It is really common for these clusters to suffer with back lighting issues and we can help!

We fully test the cluster before and after the repair and also give you a lifetime warranty with our work!

Don't hesitate to get in contact for more info, if you would like your cluster repaired we will also give you a £10 discount! Just quote the code #Q710

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My 2013 Q5 has been doing this since i bought it, lots of discussions around this on many audi models, the led track can be repaired as per Cartronix, I've not had mine done but only because i haven't found a local company that an do it near me.

Just bought 2012 Q5 and the flickering dash is one of the niggles I want to work through. Did anyone find a cause for the flicker?
It sounds as though there are two unrelated problems. The first is to do with a random selection of warning lights being on and the second with a flickering dash (whatever that means). Can someone please define what a flickering dash is.
I would look at replacing the dimmer rheostat first.
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