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fan runs long after car is switched off

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Just purchased a 2022 q5 hybrid which I'm loving!
Never owned an Audi or a hybrid so learning a lot. The fan runs sometimes for a couple hours (or longer today) after the car is switched off. Is this normal? It is nearly 100 today and car is in the garage.
Thanks for any advice!
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Hi and welcome.
Does this only happen when you're charging?
I’ve had my Q5 hybrid (50 model) for two months now and also experience this while charging my car from my recently installed wall box. This usually takes 1-2 hours depending on state of battery. Prior to getting the wall box installed I was using the “granny charger” provided by Audi which, for a similar charge took about 8 hours but interestingly there was no fan noise. I believe the fan runs because of the faster rate energy is being pumped into the battery to protect from overheating.
Alternatively it may just be the car protecting the battery from overheating due the high ambient temperature which I understand it is also programmed to do. Mind I haven’t experienced that scenario yet as our temperatures have barely hit 20c (68f) where I live!
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