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Hi all,
This is merely a post for others on how I unlocked my child locked door when it was stuck.

I bought a used SQ5 and one of the back doors was not unlocking on the central locking system, neither the keyfob nor the master unlock button on the driver's door.
The door did unlock from the inside when I pulled the handle.
The central locking system did lock the door though, from both the remote and the switches on the doors...
... seems likely that it is bad lock module- I'll get that figured out.

The problem that I overcame was based on my [email protected]$$ actions.
I was reading on line about the childlock and the lock override on the outside edge of the door.
Without thinking it through I decided to check if these locks were the issue.
the first thing I did was to flip the child lock... and because it was raining and I didn't have a screwdriver to check the latching mechanism with the door open I just shut the door and tried the lock unlock cycle.
As you are thinking about it now you can guess what happened- door locked, central system is unable to unlock it so no outside entry and child lock now engaged so no way to unlock/open it from the inside.

After much searching on line I did find many similar situations but no resolution other than some who got lucky and the lock was intermittent and eventually got it unlocked.

So here is what I did:
  • Removed the back seat lower cushion/ butt rest(not sure if it is necessary but it gave me more room to access the door panel (door card).
  • Removed the door panel ( I took the driver's side off first to see how it goes together/comes apart)
  • put a miniature inflatable airbag between the door and the door jam right at the latch. (Winbag brand that I bought at Home Depot).
  • pumped the bag up to push the door off of the car about an 1/8 of an inch.
  • put a small 90 degree pick in the gap -sideways,(the cheap ones you get in a 4 pack for $10) and fished it around until I got it into the child lock slot (turned it 90 degrees to get it in)- I used a miniature inspection camera stuffed into the gap as well to help find the child lock slot.
  • once I got the pick in place I slid it up to the top of the slot and pushed the latch forward which turned off the child lock
  • with the child lock off, i simply pulled the cable that goes to the inside door handle (because I had the door panel off) and as hoped... door opens!

I post this in as much detail as I can hoping to help anyone as unlucky (or dumb) as me who faces a failed lock and child lock.

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Thanks for posting. Hope this never happens to me, sounds like right pain in the butt!
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