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Extended warranty.

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When I ordered my Q5 in September 2009 the Q5 brochure I used was the 3.0.07/09 version. I assume that is July 2009!
In this brochure there was no mention of further extending Audi Warranty over the 3 years standard. When i later looked at a later online brochure I found a mention of 1 or 2 year extended warranty that had to be bought at time of purchase. My car is arriving in 3 weeks and Audi have said I cannot take this up as I shoud have done this in September. They have offered an alternative costing ?600 more for 2 extra years. Has anyone else had this problem.
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Hi and welcome

Basically for extended warranties over and above the manufacturer's warranty, the dealer will basically be selling you a third party contract - the low price deal if you spec with the car order will probably be something the dealer needs to do with AUDI UK, which is now too late as the car is due, so they can only offer you the standard extended warranty.

My advice - get the extended warranty from another company - i.e.

The first company (WarrantyUK) is owned and run by Kam100 (forum member and sponsor of

hope that helps

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