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Electric Tailgate

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New to the forum

picked my q5 up a few weeks ago.

last week the electric tailgate wouldn't go down- pressed the rear button and nothing happened.

have the car booked in to the dealers next week.

it works now, and hasn't happened since, but has it happened to anyone else???

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Hi Kaygee - welcome to the forum - I think your problems like this are going to be unique for a while until more Q5's are on the road - let us know how you get on with AUDI

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you are not the only one who have problem with the tailgate. Please let's me know if you have the solution.
( Excuse my english because Im Thai). Anyway how you close the tailgate. I have to push it down right all the way then it will work as normal
i have had my Q5 for 4 months now and have not experienced this it does sometimes stop but that I had pressed the close button a couple of times
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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