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Dieselgate ECU Update

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I'm scheduled to get the "Dieselgate Recall" work done on my 2015 Q5 3.0 TDI with 2nd Generation V6 diesel engine. It's comprised of:
  • ECU (Engine Control Unit) software updated
  • New lambda sensor (hardware)
VW says in the letter that this is not expected to affect fuel economy, and then later in the same letter says it might increase fuel consumption by as much as 1.5 L/100 km. Talk about double-talk!
For me, this might mean (though I suspect likely not) the difference between:
  • 5.1 L/100 km in economy cruise (=46.1 US MPG = 55.4 Imp MPG) -- Round trip from Ontario, Canada to Colorado.
  • 6.6 L/100 km after ECU update (=35.6 US MPG = 42.8 Imp MPG) -- My worst-case possibility after dieselgate fix
They also warn of:
  • Increased AdBlue consumption, so no AdBlue refills between services might be a thing of the past for me.
  • Possibly different engine sound, so the engine might become a typical diesel klattervagen.
I'm a huge Q5 3.0 TDI fan, so after I get the recall work done, I'll post my observations to this thread. I plan to take a long trip in July, so I'll be able to gauge the effects on fuel economy in economy cruise over long distances.

The work is being done on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Remember to "Follow" this thread to get updates as I post them.
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Why are you getting it done?
I typically own my vehicles a long time, so eventually the recall work will happen. I'd rather "get it over with", than have to worry about the recall work being done secretly (I have 4 years prepaid services, plus 2 additional services paid by VAG). Avoiding Audi dealers is not an option for me, for this reason. Also, unconfirmed reports indicate that the "Ontario Drive Clean" program (emissions certification required to renew your car's plate every 2 years) requires vehicles affected by this well-known scandal and recall, and for whom a recall fix is available, to have the work done before they'll issue a renewal. A special sticker is affixed under the hood by Audi to certify the recall work has been done, and the vehicle is now compliant with emissions laws.

And lastly, I'd rather not have my vehicle produce excessive, dangerous emissions if I can help it.
Fair enough, will be interesting to see how the car is after the update, hopefully all will be good.
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