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I would like to know if my Dash Lights are working the correct way
when the light switch is in the off position the dash lights illuminate when driving in bright conditions and when its darker outside the dash lights go off, I would have thought this was the wrong way round and that they should come on when the outside conditions are darker? the dash lights I am referring to are the ones behind the speedo and rev counter plus the temp and fuel gauges.
May be it's to make sure you put your light's on at the correct time.

The manual states:

"The needles on the dials in the instrument cluster are illuminated when the ignition is on and the exterior lights are off. The illumination is automatically reduced as it becomes dark outside and is eventually switched off altogether. This function is intended to remind the driver to switch on the dipped-beam headlights in good time."

From the explanation it seems yours are working as designed.

Hope this helps.

The answer as to why the lights work that way round is all about contrast.
In bright conditions the lights are brighter to let you see them.
In the dark they are dimmer so as not to glare.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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