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colour choice

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Hi All,

Well I went ahead and ordered today

But as for colour would like some tips and hopefully pics

Thinking either Lava Grey; Daytona Grey or the Black thing

Anyone got any real world pics or even press pics as the configurator doesnt really show it

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I have got plenty of pics of Deep Sea Blue if you are interested
we should have an official picture thread (i know there was but all the links are dead)

SO yeah go ahead and post

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Pearl black!! looks superb when cleaned properly and stands out!!
there is a meteor grey also

decisions decisions...
there is a meteor grey also

decisions decisions...
Any chance those who have posted here could repost in this thread?

Have seen Wetherald's Lava Grey - very nice but would like to see some more pics
Really starting to like to Deep Sea Blue for the same reason (KCSun's pics?)

Havnt seen any on the Pearlescent Black pics any out there which people can post?

Same with Meteor Grey / Tungten Grey (brochure wise Tungsten Grey looks darkest of the Greys)

Decided Daytona Grey not for me as prefer the darker colours of the Lava Grey / Blue I have seen in pics before

Any chance those who have their Q5s can post some pics here? I am sure lots of people out there are having the same dilemma as me and gives us something to drool over whilst waiting :)
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Rick,still waiting for the Q but have got some pics of the pearl black on an a4 if you want

post away at least it will get things started

Dont know how long I have before the cut off date to choose; the test drive Q5 Special Ed was solid black - very nice but worried about having to clean the thing all the bloody time ;-)
Agreed !! I got black pearl and what's all this about swirls and scratches - I don't have this. Keep the grit off your sponge !!

Let's face it people - everyone has their favourite colour - all cars get dirty and need to be washed and it would be a boring colourless world if we all drove the same colour. I have seen plenty of dirty white cars, and silver ones, and black ones - all colours in fact. Yes they may have the white ones on the stand at Goodwood but that was probably a batch available for that promotion, it could have been green !!!

Surely it would be the purists who take the car out of the garage wash and polish it, and drive it back in. I bought the car to drive and it because it looks good. If it gets dirty 2 miles down the road then, unfortunately, that's life - it will be washed again next weekend !
Your just down the road from me might have to stalk you to see what one looks like in Pearl Black

Can you post some pics on this thread?
Lava Grey all day long !!!!
can you attach some pics pretty please?
While I can't attach any pics since mine is not lava, I can attach links:
Link 1
Don't forget to scroll to the very bottom in the car park pics when the colour changes again to a deep charcoal grey.

Link 2
Nice series with FF dslr 1600 pixels wide (if you don't have an account create one) which show off the purple cast and close up of the particles.

I won't post any pics of other colours nor I advice anyone to choose a colour from their computer screen. Drive down to a delearship instead and view the colour in the metal preferably in the sun and under the shade. Then make your decision.
tried to do that but they only had 1 Q5; saw some of the other colours on other Audi's so yeah got an idea

I saw a A4 (used in Lava Grey) must admit that first thread is just amazing; many many thanks (second aint too shabby and looks like a brochure shot)
Deep Sea Blue in the flesh


Now between Deep Ocean Blue, Phantom Black and Lava Grey

Tungsten Grey is the only one I havnt seen now in pics or flesh
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