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Collapsible Spare Wheel

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Can somone please explain what this option is. I am assuming it is just a temporary undersized spare wheel, but a bit confused about "collasible".

Is this a worthwhile option and can it be retro fitted..


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does anybody know if the collapsible wheel will fit in with the b&o sound system fitted,also have ordered car with 20" rims,is the spare the same size?
Has anyone else had any success in buying a spare for ?110 after the event? I forgot to order both the spare and the boot mat and I don't want to play with the order as I now have a build date.

You would think that if one dealer can let you have one for ?110 they all can.

Spoke to my dealer today about adding it on,said if i added to order it could change delivery date but wouldnt know till it was done.and to purchase from parts was ?537
. might go with the tire insurance for ?250 instead.
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1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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