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Collapsible Spare Wheel

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Can somone please explain what this option is. I am assuming it is just a temporary undersized spare wheel, but a bit confused about "collasible".

Is this a worthwhile option and can it be retro fitted..


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if you haven't ordered it, then do it as now it ?110 on initial order but to retro buy it that will set you back cost ?500 (which I found out) luckily I got my dealer to order one on his demo so will get it for ?110

if you don't order this you will get a tin of foam to help if you get a flat thats all you get

the collapsable wheel means it fits where your subwoofer is, and once you inflate its a full size spare wheel (not a replica of your alloys) and is only temporary, once used you can deflate it to the small size and put back in the boot
thats exactly right Keith...?110 is a good investment as if you just have a slow puncture and use the foam you would have to replace the tyre as the foam would ruin it, and as I have had a few in my time, the thought of a new tyre when you can repair it for ?15 is the only reason I am getting it now...
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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