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Collapsible spare wheel - any point ?

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Is this of any real use ? Stuggling to keep fingers off ticks against the options and looking for things to delete. Could this be one of them or is it a no brainer for the cost ?
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I too had the same dilemma. I though how many times have I had a puncture in the last ten year - zero - so I did not order one. Big mistake!

What I had not taken into account was the Q5 can go off road.

If you are always around town close to where the RAC can get to you then the foam or RAC as a back are probably fine. However if you head off down some un-made track and take out a tyre, you are at the mercy of the foam. Will the RAC come and rescue you down some un-made track? I don't know. I definitely had a spare with me when I depart form the tarmac.

PS anyone who has spare they don't need, stick up for sale in the market place - I am sure it will fetch a good price.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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