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Collapsible spare wheel - any point ?

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Is this of any real use ? Stuggling to keep fingers off ticks against the options and looking for things to delete. Could this be one of them or is it a no brainer for the cost ?
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I hadn't even thought about this until reading this thread - but imagine being stuck in a country lane in the Lakes (I go there a lot) at night after having torn the sidewall on one of those rocks at the road side! The foam/gel filer wouldn't be much use?

Poor show by Audi, selling a soft roader with no spare! Anyways I have just added it to my order at ?110, but the bad news is that I am still looking at an early June delivery for a car ordered last November - Jeez - they must be selling like hot cakes !!

I do carry tins of Holts type tyreweld anyway, just in case the puncture isn't too significant.
Just thought I would bump this one after my experience with the collapsible spare wheel yesterday.

Decided to "one hit" Port Grimaud to Worcester yesterday, which is about 970 miles and a projected 15 hours of travel.

488 miles and 7 hours in, the left rear let go in the fast lane - for some reason my Orange phone wouldn't let me connect to the Audi Assistance numbers (useful!) - so on went the collapsible spare wheel.

The manual states it is for short distance, emergency journeys only, but with no chance of sorting out a 20" tyre in the middle of France on a Sunday afternoon, we decided to at least try to get to the "Chunnel".

Another 480 miles later at 50 mph (and unfortunately another 13 hours later), the car is sat on my drive with the spare tyre looking as good as new !!

So, for anyone wondering if they are worth the money, my advice is just get one specced when you order your car !
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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