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Choosing between 2017/18 TDI and TFSI

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Hi, New to the forum from the UK
We are looking to get a 2017 or 2018 Q5, the updated version, but struggling to decide between the petrol tfsi and the 2.0L TDI, mostly worried about fuel consumption. there seems to be a bit of a mixed bag of real life MPG numbers around so hoping to get a bit more info if anyone has some reliable numbers.

our driving will be a 30ish miles per day A and B roads, and a few longer weekend trips max 100 miles per trip.

The only other thing im thinking about is its right on the time for a timing belt change for the TDI's, which im guessing wont be cheap and sales gararges wont fancy picking this up for us.

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to our forum :cool:
Diesel will always be more fuel efficient than an equivalent petrol engine.
Both engines are likely to cost similar for repairs maintenance
Thanks for the response, has anyone got some real life mpg numbers for the 2.0l petrol engine?
I struggled to get 25mpg from 2.0TFSI.
However, it really depends on how and where you drive.
How does your current MPG compare to manufacturers number for your current whip?

There are lots of posts on this and other forums with wildly differing figures.
Long term avge for my '19 petrol is about 32 indicated, so probably 30+ really. On a longer run, mostly motorway, it can do 40+ without too much effort, assuming not smashing the speed limits significantly.
It is impossible to provide an accurate economy figure. It depends on road type, road conditions, tyre conditions, if the vehicle has been looked after and how you drive. Generally a diesel will be more economical than a petrol. However, due to advances in petrol engines, the gap is narrowing. There is one other major factor, where you purchase your fuel from. If you go to a supermarket for petrol and say Shell for diesel then petrol is more economical.
I picked up a 2018 3L TDI at the end of July, my main trips are 39 miles motorway/a-roads or 35 miles a-roads/back roads to work depending on which way google sends me. First tank, which included a couple of shorter trips was 38.9MPG (calculated, trip said 40.5mpg I think so not far off). I'd expect the 2L TDI to be a bit more economical.

20 mile trip back from my parent's I hit 52mpg but the motorway did have 50 and 60mph speed limits on. I also usually drive it in Efficiency mode.

I was originally looking for the 2L TDI but then saw there was a 3L so set my heart on that. Never drove a 2L, but I can confirm the 3L is extremely comfortable to drive.
2018 40tdi diesel. Mixed driving around 42mpg. Careful motorway 75 ish and A roads 46 ish. Less by around 10% in cold winter.
Q5 40TDI , 2019. with full fueltank I can drive around 1250km to 1300 max..

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