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I own a 2012 Audi Q5 2.0. Up until now, I hadn't have any problems. About a month ago, I got a christmas tree in my dashboard: check engine light, abs light, tire pressure light, etc. I went to my local gagage (whom I have frequented for the past 20 years, but not an Audi dealer).

After scanning the codes, I was told that my ABS sensor needed to be changedm as well as a wheel bearing. I was told that the faulty sensor could have damaged the bearing (or maybe the opposite? I am not sure).

I left the mechanic but the check engine light was still on. I waited for a month but then I got a "break pads" warning in the dash, so I returned to the garage. They told me that my break pads were fine, but they replaced the front break sensor (!) and for the check engine, they told me it was the turbo that was being flagged. They said this was a 4000CAD job (the car is barely worth 10k after all these years). They lubricated the turbo's flap and told me to return is the check engine light shows up again.

Sure enough, 3 days later, it was back on. Not wanting to pay a 3rd time to "scan the error code", I did it myself using one of the cheap OBDII scanner on the market, and here is the result.

I don't know what I should do... Any suggestion or help would be much appreciated. I don't see any problem when I am driving the var though.

1- Should I just sell the car (who will buy a car with a check engine light turned on)?
2- Should I replace the turbo (4000CAD)
3- Should ignore the check engine light and ride it until it dies?

Any other suggestions?


Car Scanner ELM OBD2
DTC report
Selected brand: Audi
Raw code: 0299
ECU: Engine control unit
Status: Confirmed
OBDII: Turbocharger (TC)/supercharger (SC) - low boost
Raw code: 001627
ECU: 01. Engine control unit
Status: Test failed, Pending, Confirmed, Test failed since last DTC clear, Test not completed during this operation cycle, Warning indicator requested
Audi: Data bus drive missing message from injection pump SG Status bits: 1
Priority: 2
Frequency: 1
Unlearning index: 255
Odometer: 151143 km
Date, time: 2021.08.13 13:09:25
Raw code: 03BC
ECU: 05. Authorization system for access and starting the engine
Status: Pending fault present during this driving cycle, Validated and stored in non volatile memory, Validated fault present at time of request
Audi: Key 2
Raw code: 0A4B
ECU: 56. Head unit (MMI) (VW TP2.0)
Status: Validated and stored in non volatile memory, Validated fault present at time of request
Audi: P310B00: Low Fuel Pressure regulation Fuel pressure outside specification
Audi: The tuner is not turned on or not activated.; Tuner not activated or activated
Raw code: 0C55
ECU: 56. Head unit (MMI) (VW TP2.0)[Archive (inactive)]
Status: Validated and stored in non volatile memory

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How many miles on your car?
I would clear the fault codes and drive the car. Without turbo boost it will be down on power but may drive for many more miles.

Thank you for your reply. I have about 150 000 km (93k miles) on it.

Can I clear the "check engine" with the OBDII scanner or I need to do to the dealer?


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