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Can the Q5 fit 3 child seats

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We have recently become a family of 5, with three children under the age of 7. My Smax has now had it's day and I'm looking for something that has a bit more personality and style to it.

Is anybody aware of whether it is possible to fit three child seats (2 boosters and one maxi cosi) in a Q5?

I really don't want another MPV and am loathe to buy a landrover..

All opinions and advice gratefully recieved.
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We've got a full size child seat in the middle and a booster each side and it fits ok - it's a bit of a squeeze but once they're in its comfortable and safe for them

Hope that helps

Thanks Adi. We will be testing it out tomorrow to see for ourselves if it all fits. I'm guessing it's tricky get the belts done up for the children on the boosters?

How do you get on with the boot space? Is there room for much more than a buggy?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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