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I went to check my rear springs this afternoon, however, they can't be see as they are completely covered by a plastic/rubber sleeve. Therefore, I'm wondering how the MOT centre managed to see the spring was broken??
I have an Q3 and at about 3-4 years older when I bought it, I notice it made a lot of noise when driving around town on snow/ice damaged bitumen. Rattled and was very noisey.
I Had it check over and nothing found.
This years wheel change winter to Summer tires, the tire shop informed me that the rear right spring was broken. Not obvious at all but I think that was the problem. Maybe yours is covered by the rubber parts ?? I drove for 2 years with a busted spring ?
I think it’s more an issue at low speeds because once the compression struts (shock absorbers) are engages they, manage the heavier work.
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