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boot tray

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Hi Rick,
I think you will find the first one is a rigid boot liner and the 2nd one a rubber mat type.if you have specced the storage bar in the back im not sure if you could have the rigid boot liner.The rubber mat comes in 2 forms one for the bar with cut outs and the other a solid mat.

hope this helps

actually just saw the Aussie Q5 accessories brochure - one is the tray one is the liner they are different products

Will drop my dealer a line

As a secondary point really want to keep the load area free from scratches as I will be using it to transport a lot of diving

Anyone had experience of this lot?
Just to add some info.

My car was delivered this week and I selected the reversible boot mat. Its just a fabric (same as the floor in the car) that is folded in half and sits in the boot. It doesn't cover the entire boot floor but just a section so that the cargo net can still be used. Personally I'd prefer it to cover the entire floor. The only bit about it I like is that it has a small flap that you extend over the exterior of the boot / car when loading and unloading so that the rear bumper doesn't get scratched.

I'd like a thin boot liner the covers the entire boot are (including sides) that also has a flap that can be extended for when loading and unloading. Any recommendations welcome.
does it cover the whole rear area with the rear seats down?

As for more practical examples just type 'Audi Q5 boot liner' into Google and there is a bunch of sponsored links which come up including Boot Buddy which I have put the link up here

There are some other ones also which are more fabric / tailored fits which protect sides and back as well as floor*BLACK*_W0QQitemZ160385092030QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=&rvr_id=&cguid=3d02cff41270a0e202c44964ff23e0b5
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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