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boot tray

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is this the one mentioned in the brochure as I have ordered it an would prefer it to this one

whats the differance?
Hi Rick,
I think you will find the first one is a rigid boot liner and the 2nd one a rubber mat type.if you have specced the storage bar in the back im not sure if you could have the rigid boot liner.The rubber mat comes in 2 forms one for the bar with cut outs and the other a solid mat.

hope this helps

actually just saw the Aussie Q5 accessories brochure - one is the tray one is the liner they are different products

Will drop my dealer a line

As a secondary point really want to keep the load area free from scratches as I will be using it to transport a lot of diving


Anyone had experience of this lot?
Hi Rick
The boot buddy looks ideal for what you need,seems to give a lot of protection all round,Good find
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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