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Bloody insurance!

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Well just got my new quote from certainly is not a privilege anymore after 8 years with them, its gone from ?40 a month to ?60 a month, so I did the usual searches and got quotes from comparison sites, managed to get AXA for ?44 a month which is good ( I have 9 years NCB, only 7k a year and the car is now 15 months old) I could have got cheaper but most wouldn't insure me as I work for the Ministry of Sound
(apparently Record companies are a no no for most) I even tried Chris Knott but they woudl insure me for the same reason......can you believe it !
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You'd have thought the fact that you've got so many years of no claims would have some influence.

I had same problem with Privilege many years ago.....never went back. Can't you just declare your job....manager,technician etc and leave out that it's connected to the music business?
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I'm sure that come renewal time they will recoup any additional insurance cost plus the new cost. I've never known an insurance company to do an increase with a new car mid term......but they will remember
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Did you actually speak to them or do it online,when we spoke to them they gave a cheaper quote than online

I tried online yesterday.....quote ?441.

Will ring nearer the time.

Sadly in this country the punishment never fits the crime. Probably get a caution if she admitts
it or if gets to court a community punishment.

And regretably you'll pay the bill for years to come.

The nutter can't be short of a bob shopping in M&S....

Small claims court for damages as you'll likely get nowt through
the criminal courts. Make her pay for it!
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