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Bloody insurance!

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Well just got my new quote from certainly is not a privilege anymore after 8 years with them, its gone from ?40 a month to ?60 a month, so I did the usual searches and got quotes from comparison sites, managed to get AXA for ?44 a month which is good ( I have 9 years NCB, only 7k a year and the car is now 15 months old) I could have got cheaper but most wouldn't insure me as I work for the Ministry of Sound
(apparently Record companies are a no no for most) I even tried Chris Knott but they woudl insure me for the same reason......can you believe it !
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I've been with Elephant for several years now. About ?370 full comp, 10+ years no claims + 2 named drivers.
The only downside, is that each year i have to go online to their own web site to see how cheap it should be. The renewal they send out NEVER matches the online price (by over ?150 this year
But a quick(ish) call to moan about it and they agree to match their own online price

Compare the Market shows LV as the best, but Elephant are close enough not to bother transferring.


Used elephant once and had my card scammed,only spoke to one person on the phone and money was taking off another 2 times within 24hrs.thieving bar stewards!!!!!

Not sure if this is relevant but was shopping around for a renewal quote on my TTS in May, I was giving an annual mileage of 8-10K per year. Only by accident I discovered the best quote was with AUDI insurance when they suggested I stay with the annual average of 12K. So the lowest annual mileage most definately does not give the lowest price for the year.
Hi CXdriver,agree with you on the audi insurance they are ?200 cheaper than anyone else

I have just aksed for a quote from Audi on my S Line Spec Ed I got in May as my insurance is up soon and was quoted ?364.

Currently with LV - be interested to see what they come up with but Audi seem to do all the "extras" and more plus can use Audi garages and not "preferred repairers".

As I get more quotes it will be interesting how my 7 yr protected NCB is taken into account etc
Did you actually speak to them or do it online,when we spoke to them they gave a cheaper quote than online

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I tried online yesterday.....quote ?441.

Will ring nearer the time.
Hi Josh,

There quotes last for 45 days,at the moment insurance is going up ?20-?30 a week.

NIghtmare - just as I am about to get insurance quotes a "mad woman" keys my car in the local M & S car park. Apparently, she didnt like my wife driving the car or parking next to her !! It is the hands of the Police BUT LV have added 100 quid onto my renewal quote (they actually came in just cheaper than Audi) so I am going to ask Audi for a new one too.

Worse is the repair will cost 1600+ quid to fix as literally everything comes off - ruddy people I just hope the law throw the book at her - she terrified my poor wife and my 150 quid excess goes down the drain.
what a nightmare,its just so unfair that these loons walk around and do what they do and we all end up paying for it!!! they should cut her hands off!!! would hopefully deter the other toe rags!!! hope its not like that at sainsburys bromley am working there on nights for the next 6 weeks.

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