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Bloody insurance!

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Well just got my new quote from certainly is not a privilege anymore after 8 years with them, its gone from ?40 a month to ?60 a month, so I did the usual searches and got quotes from comparison sites, managed to get AXA for ?44 a month which is good ( I have 9 years NCB, only 7k a year and the car is now 15 months old) I could have got cheaper but most wouldn't insure me as I work for the Ministry of Sound
(apparently Record companies are a no no for most) I even tried Chris Knott but they woudl insure me for the same reason......can you believe it !
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I've been with Direct Line for 7 years, but SWMBO got a speeding ticket and the price went up from ?420 to ?590. Wen to LV= and it was ?422, including legal, hire car and up to 180 day Europe Cover, needless to say I am now an LV= customer.....

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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