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Custom rims mean a lot for the image of any car. If you are looking to get some nice rims to fit your winter tires, look no further than TSW. It is one of the most suitable wheel brands for AUDI models. The design of the rims looks exceptionally well on the late model AUDIs as well as the classic and 90s models. These rims are available in step lip and deep concave design. Sizes range from 15" up to 22".
You can choose Black, Chrome and Polished fishes for pretty much all of the models.
It is recommended to choose smaller diameter rims for the winter season on order to improve the driving comfort of your CAR.

Click on the pictures below to view the full list of TSW rims for your AUDI

TSW custom wheels for AUDI at CARiD

You may also like our tech article about TSW production method:
The Unique Process of How TSW Wheels Are Made
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