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They did ask on the invoice? Whetstone. Spire automotive group.
Little confused, completely disappointed! You have requested feedback on customer experience!
Document No ???????? The mileage is 35582, MMI remains deliberately set to long service, however it gets oil and filter changes at +/-6k miles between Audi MMI triggered indicators.
My initial return MOT 25/03/2014 was understood to be a time specific waiting appointment, apparently this is not offered, although you take web bookings as such and display a customer viewing and waiting area, you kept the car all day and failed to phone when it was finished with! I collected late that day after my own enquiry. I had to ask for the vehicle health check rundown?

The 3 to 5 year service plan offer from Audi. I enquired previously and again that day, it was eventually organised with some difficulties over insufficient knowledge. Several calls later? Completed and received in post.

A return due service was booked using the plan? Against information held on your Audi record? No offer of any transport.

The vehicle was delivered Thursday morning 17/04/14, customer reception for the vehicle that day needed improvement. I specifically asked to be updated for collection? No phone call again?
GOOD Friday? Waited till after 12 to enquire about vehicle? Service Closed GOOD Friday? Will be open Saturday. No car today!
I again waited till after 12 to enquire on the Saturday?
No one initially available in service, portrayed the call was not directly to Whetstone, they would have Whetstone phone back.

Called back, Yes, vehicle is ready. No surprise there.

Collected car before 2pm. Received no charge invoice, no itemisation or quantitate on document ref. anything supplied, fitted, or changed?

Examined service book? Examined invoice? Examined service plan document, not stamped?

Looks to be AVS inspection and oil? Curiosity provoked further examination. After 35582 examined my air filter! Hengst year code still 2009? Filthy and full of loose debris.

I know from the service book that it was not replaced at 17082 at Basingstoke? Not replaced at 25162 by Whetstone? Cleaned by me! Not replaced at 26335 by Whetstone? Not replaced or cleaned at 36182 at Whetstone?

Now filthy full of rubbish from the last time I looked and cleaned it myself! Q what else should have been changed, renewed, cleaned? What price is the trust?

Car had a BFC at 26335 with its MOT in Feb 2013, system not updated, triggered system request again for this year 2014?
Cars on new rubber as well now. All rotated by me to maintain wear on tyres and quattro components. Never been done or offered during any Audi service. Wheels seized to the hubs the first time I rotated.
It's one warranty issue with Sun Roof sticking and auto reversing in very hot weather. Cleaned and re-greased, problem intermittently remains, now outside warranty.

Vorsprung durch technik! Audi are not the only make to fail me miserably. Unfortunately, I know when I have been let down, Porsche, Mercedes, Ford have all fell short. Only Lexus have a clean record, if terrifying return loan car examinations!

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Extremely poor service 😞
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