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Audi UK have revamped all the trim levels

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The Audi website has been updated.

Now it's:
Black Edition

You then choose from a few packs but it does appear the chip shortage is over.

You're screwed if you only want the 360 camera or rear USB ports !

Vorsprung (loaded and with air suspension) is only on the SQ5 now.

Prices have gone up a bit too
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Despite what I posted above about prob not worth me reordering that's what I've done :ROFLMAO:

I would have been annoyed everytome I used the car not waiting to get the memory seats. We've ended up with a much higher spec car (panoramic roof, HUD, memory seats/mirrors, all driver assists inc side warning, etc). It added to the price and it looks like I'll get it late Sept/Oct rather than now.

If a '24 gets announced I wonder if I'll take the 23.5 .... 馃檮馃き馃ぃ
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If it is not yet built you may be able to amend your order. I was able to add an option to my order. Speak to your dealer.
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Thanks, I'll do that. I added all the options I could at the time! :LOL:
Be interested to hear how you get on and if you could add something from the 23.5 options list.
Everyone I speak to in Audi sales/marketing says that orders for the Q5 2024 spec will start to be taken towards the end of this year for delivery mid 2024. I am trying to extract a spec from Audi but I have been told that there are allot of differences especially with the hybrid, which is the one I am interested in.
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By the time that's delivered we'll be approaching the new generation of Q5. :unsure:
It appears that if you don't order leather AND then the bench plus then you don't get 40/20/40 rear seat split. The 40/20/40 seats are they're but there's not a release but for the central 20%.
Yet to clarify if this is Sportback specific or not. It seems a small thing but can be a big thing if you need to carry skis etc etc.
I've been trying to clarify this for a month or so. My salesman's left but I seem to have a new more useful one now. He said the release is hidden inside the pull down central armrest so it looks like you do get the 3 way after all. (y)

I should have hit youtube instead of asking Audi. 馃檭

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