Concours Auto Products, Eclipse Outdoor car cover, made-to-measure for the Audi Q5 / SQ5.

Selling as have now sold my SQ5 Vorsprung.

Audi Q5 SUV 2018-2021

Cost new £178.50 + delivery

The Eclipse Outdoor car cover is the latest generation of four layer breathable car covers. Increased waterproofing and weight of fabric make the Eclipse outdoor a much improved version of the outdoor cover. Due to the breathability this cover can be used indoors but its main uses are for outdoors. The four layers combine to give a thicker robust fabric. The Eclipse Outdoor car cover comes with underbody securing straps, as well as front and rear eyelets to aid in windy locations.

Made from polypropylene, the Eclipse Outdoor car cover fabric consists of four separate layers. Two non-woven top layers provide UV protection and waterproofing. The third layer is a breathable/waterproof film and finally the fourth layer is the soft non-woven inner lining. This prevents scratching and aids breathability. Double stitched seams help with the waterproofing capabilities, along with the strength and durability of the cover. Front and Rear elastic hems are heavy duty and will help with the fit of the cover. Eyelets at the front and rear are provided for those who want extra security in windy locations.

Colour - Grey

Eclipse Outdoor provides protection from…
Ultra Violet rays
Snow (brush off at earliest convenience to ensure breathability)
Scrapes & Scratches
Tree Sap