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Audi Q5 hybrid steering locked up

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Steering wheel is locked up, break pedal is hard, and steering warning, EPC lights are on (doesn’t come off) after attempting to start this morning. Tried push button start and inserting remote in key slot (there is no regular physical keyslot) while gently wiggling the steering wheel. Presume it’s the anti theft system that has kicked in. Tried with 2 different keys. No luck. Any advise on how to diagnose/fix this ?
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Warranty covered presumably? I'd be straight onto recovery
Warranty covered presumably? I'd be straight onto recovery
It is a 2013 model. Out of warranty.
Welcome to our forum :cool:
Welcome. Not a problem I have heard of before. Does the engine turn over?
I would buy, beg borrow steal VCDS / OBII / Carista to check for fault codes
Do we have a database of tool owners on this forum. I have VCDS (in Essex) and have helped out many over the years
Closing the loop on this no-start issue with my 2013 Q5 Hybrid: had it towed to an Audi dealership where it was diagnosed to be a flat main and aux battery. Had them both replaced and its now back up and running.
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