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audi has landed

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Hi Stewart here
picked up the S line Q5 today fantastic experience cannot praise Preston Audi enough, had the new car experience before on numerous occasions ,but audi trumps them all . Mark the salesman did a fantastic job on hand over
nothing was to much trouble.
thanks also to rich on the forum, for advice as to where to look for suspension type . The car came with standard suspension even though it was ordered with sports suspension, ( i was never asked which i would prefer ) but having driven on standard suspension quite happy with it . I will try to put some pics on later , thats it for now as the car is crying out to be driven
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It's great to see threads about cars being delivered
and interesting about the suspension issue - did you test drive a sports suspension car to compare to??

Enjoy your new car, my dealer rang me today and said my car could be available significantly sooner than expected ( ordered Feb, still no build week, expected Jul/Sep/Oct/Nov/Mar!!!!!!, now assured December and significantly earlier than that....) Hope to join the swelling ranks of Q5 owners soon
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